THRCC Images

2009 Pic's
Snow Flying 0131-020109

2008 Pic's
January Meeting 07 At the field 012708 Feb Meeting 08
At the field 0209 At the field 0209 Feb Funfly....
March Meeting March Funfly April Meeting
April Funfly At the field 0420 Tom & Mitch with new Redstar 40's
2008 Mint Julep Scale Classic THRCC 2008 All Scale Day Danville 2008 Waribird Flyin
THRCC 2008 Waribird Flyin Ed's B-17 Maiden Flight 24th Annual Joe's 4-stroke/Electric Flyin
2007 Pic's
January 01 2006 Annual Steak & Fly.... January Meeting 07 07 THRCC Swapmeet
January Funfly February Funfly Carnage Ed Ice has a woopsy....
Mitch's Mr. V in progress 2007 Warbird Meet June Funfly
Tom's P-47 Mishap THRCC 07 All Scale Day Tom's P-47 & Mitch's P-61
THRCC 07 Toys-4-Tots Flyin 07 Palestine Rodeo Demise of Tom's 4*40
At the field Sept 2nd September Funfly 07 Picnic
Joe's 4-Stroke/Electric Flyin Terre Haute Air Fair Pics from 2007 U.S. Scale Masters Championships
2006 Pic's
January 01 2006 Annual Steak & Fly.... January Meeting January FunFly
2006 THRCC Swapmeet February Meeting March Meeting
March Funfly Duwayne's Dual Ace April FunFly
At the field April 22nd At the field April 23rd 2006 Warbird Flyin
Mint Julep 06 Day 1 Mint Julep 06 Day 2 Mint Julep 06 Day 3
June Meeting 06 June Funfly THRCC All Scale Day 2006
Shriners Picnic 2006 Float Fly 2006 2006 Club Picnic
Palestine Rodeo Terre Haute Air Fair 2006 Day 1 Terre Haute Air Fair 2006 Day 2
Joe's 4 Stroke/Electric Flyin 2006 Toys For Tots Flyin 2006 October Meeting 06
October Funfly    

2005 Pic's
January 01 2005 Annual Steak & Fly.... January Meeting January FunFly
Feb Meeting February FunFly How Don Won Crash-of-the-Month for Feb
March Meeting March FunFly At the field, 20 March 2005
April Fun Fly Don Carmichael Memorial IMAC Meet May Meeting
May Funfly Death of Mitch's UltraStick.. Mint Julep 2005
THRCC Warbird Flyin AMA Homecoming June 4th June Funfly
THRCC 14th All Scale Day July Funfly Terre Haute AirFair
Palistine IL Airport Flying for the handicap August Funfly Shriners Picnic for the kids
Brazil Club Float Fly in Universal IN At the Field Aug 21st..(Skydiver testing) Palestine Rodeo Flying
Annual 705 Rules Funfly Flying at the Legion picnic Sept Funfly
Warbirds over Triple Tree SC 2005 2005 4-Stroke/Electric Rally October Funfly
November Meeting Toys for Tots Funfly November Funfly
December flying in the snow 2005 Christmas Party

2004 Pic's

 May 6 2004 Flying demo for local school  Aug FunFly
 Flying at the Brazil Field Aug 10th 2004  At the field 082204
 2004 Float Fly in Universal IN.  2004 Team FunFly
 2004 Palestine Flyin  Joe's 2004 4-Stroke/Electric Rally
 Sept Meeting Pic's  Sept FunFly Pic's
 D. Lindsey's Bronco  2004 Night Fly

2003 Pic's

Christmas 2002 get-together  
Jan FunFly Pic's Jan Meeting Pic's
Feb Meeting Pic's
March 16th Pic's March 23rd Pic's
April FunFly Pic's April Meeting Pic's
May FunFly Pic's - Fun Fly May 18th May Meeting Pic's
Scout day first try Pic's Scout day second try Pic's
July FunFly Pic's July Meeting Pic's
Aug Fun Fly Pic's Aug Meeting
Oct Fun Fly Pic's Oct Meeting
Nov FunFly Nov Meeting Pic's
2003 Warbird Flyin Pic's 2003 Scale Meeting Pic's
2003 THRCC Family Picnic Pic's 2003 Float Fly with Brazil Club Pic's
2003 THRCC Palestine Rodeo Pic's 2003 Brazil 4-stroke/electric Flyin Pic's
2003 Joe's 4-stroke/electric Rally Pic's
2004 July Meeting/Club scale day July Fun Fly - July 11th 2004

Member Pic's

Pic's From Mitchell Baker My new Great Planes Stuka Trip to WarBirds Over South Carolina Day 1 Trip to WarBirds Over South Carolina Day 2 First Plane Build First Plane Repair.. Oops My new Ultra Stick 40
M.C.205 Build Project Box arrives. Start of new plane
Pic's From Duwayne Lindsey Pic's From Duwayne Lindsey
Pic's From Kenny Vester Pic's From Kenny Vester
Pic's From Joe Weaver Pic's From Joe Weaver
Pic's From Jeff Mains Pic's From Jeff Mains
Pic's From Shaun Guernsey Pic's From Shaun G.
Pic's From Clive Pic's From Clive
Pic's From EJ Pic's From EJ

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